Surgical Strike - Band Biography

SURGICAL STRIKE is a German thrash metal band formed in Hannover in 1993. At a time when all newly formed metal bands wanted to jump on the cross-over or grunge train, vocalist and band mastermind Jens ‘Korken’ Albert wanted to bring great American thrash metal to Germany. In 1997 SURGICAL STRIKE’s EP “Overruled” became demo of the month in Germany’s famous Metal Hammer (3/97).

Since then, the band has gone through numerous lineup changes and after a almost two decade long hiatus SURGICAL STRIKE are back, meaner, faster and harder than ever. Albert re-established the band in 2014 with Linus-Henry Meyer on drums, Bastian Windszus and Marcelo Vasquez Rocha on guitars. In summer 2015, they hit the studio in order to record their first EP after the hiatus, called “V∙II∙XII”(five to twelve), that is soon to be released. Along with the EP they will also release a smashing video clip for the EP’s first song “Shithouse Propaganda”.

SURGICAL STRIKE are pure, uncompromising, modern thrash metal. Fast double bass grooves, hellish thrashing guitars, brutal riffing and melodic leads meeting with aggressive vocals in order to unleash hell. Undoubtedly, SURGICAL STRIKE have their roots in 1980s bay area thrash metal, yet they created a timeless and distinct version of it that does not sound like anything contemporary on both sides of the big pond. Thrash metal as it is supposed to be!





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